EXGLARE(Anti-glare processing)

Chemicals are used to process the glass surface and form fine bumps and dents to prevent glare.
Glare from high-resolution displays is also reduced without impairing screen visibility.
We aim to target new applications such as AG processing of panels used in onboard vehicle systems of luxury cars and AG processing of outdoor LCD advertising banners.


Image of AG effects


Light is reflected as is from the surface of the glass that has not been processed.


Anti-glare (AG) processing

The bumps and dents diffuse the light, weakening the reflected light and reducing glare.


Image of reduced glare

Conventional AG

Large particle size means that multiple types of light are contained within the particle causing glare.


EXGLARE(AG processing) developed by our company

The small particle size means that no other type of colored light contaminates the particles and no glare occurs.


We have created an AG technology to achieve different appearances and particle sizes depending on usage.
Our technology can also respond to a wide range of gloss and haze specifications.

Particle size: large Particle size: medium Particle size: small
Microscope image
image image image