About Us


1950 Maruyama Brother’ s Industry was founded in Asahi-ku, Osaka City by Matsunosuke Maruyama.
1953 Changed the company name to Maruyama Industry Co., Ltd. and incorporated a capital of 200,000 yen.
1970 Constructed Hanaten factory in Osaka City.
1973 Appointed Keiichi Maruyama to President.
1977 Constructed new ferro-concrete factory and closed the previous factory in Asahi-ku.
1980 Relocated to Head Office to Joto-ku, Osaka City.
1981 Increased capital to 10,000,000 yen and began operations at the specialized
frosting factory in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City.
1988 Invention of the Imbricated-Processing Method. United factories in Joto-ku and
Yodogawa-ku and completed current factory in Amagasaki City.
1989 Relocated Head Office to Amagasaki City (current address).
1992 Installed the straight-type inspection machine and incaser.
1996 Installed the rotary index-system inspection machine.
2001 Acquired ISO14001:1996.
2002 Acquired ISO9001:2000.
2003 50th Anniversary of Company
Appointed Kiyoshi Maruyama to President.
2003 Research into AG processing and etching started.
2004 Slimming processing and mass production started.
2005 Completed production line of FPD Chemical Etching.
2006 Completed production line of organic EL glass seals.
2009 High-speed automatic frosting line was completed.
2010 AG processing started.
2011 Established Cover Glass Processing Technique.
2012 Established laboratory.
2013 AG processing for onboard systems started.
2015 Multiple type compatible frosting line was completed.
2015 AG mass production primary line completed. Mass production started.
2016 Frosting cosmetic bottle line was completed.
2017 AG mass production secondary line to be completed.