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President Kiyoshi Maruyama

PresidentKiyoshi Maruyama

Since our establishment in 1950 with a company focus directed toward frosting the interior of electric light bulbs, we have continued to meet challenges with new frosting technologies. We are deeply grateful to our business partners and industrial collaborators for their advice and support, which has made it possible for us to continue with our business over many years, up until now.

We have engaged in R&D mainly aimed at the chemical processing of glass products, with frosting technology at the core, and have been able to fulfil our ISO quality policy of ""Providing safe and high quality products to the society.""
Our processed products are glass products that are used in a wide range of fields, including those for daily use such as crockery; seasoning bottles and healthy food containers; and beverage glasses for products, such as Japanese sake, shochu (distilled spirit), wine, and juice as well as for cosmetic, medical, and lighting devices.

As we have developed our business, we have proactively researched on the infrastructure and equipment as well as processing technologies to create new frosting technologies, such as special frosting and imbricated processing.
In terms of production, we have strengthened our environment and quality management system, becoming one of the first companies in the industry to achieve ISO14001 and 9001 certifications.
Based on the expertise cultivated throughout our history, in 2003, we entered the electronic device chemical etching industry. We have processed LCD screens, organic EL displays, and touch panels that are used in smartphones, digital cameras, LEDs, and onboard vehicle display systems. Chemical etching has great potential for technological advancement and is growing into a field poised to shoulder the next generation. We are striving forward with a view of the future based on the theme of chemically processed glass products.

We share the words left to us by Keiichi Maruyama, our former president, who greatly contributed to the growth of our company as an important asset in the formulation of the company policy.


COMPANY PRINCIPLE 01"If you make good ones, new orders come!"

High quality product is the best sales staff.


COMPANY PRINCIPLE 02"Give thousands of thanks and more!"

Good manner leads better relationships.


COMPANY PRINCIPLE 03"Clean'em off!"

Clean workplace makes quality products.