Environmental policy

01Environmental idea

In doing our business of the treatment on the glassware surface, Maruyama Frosting Co.,Ltd. Strives, as one of the global citizens, to contribute to the global environment and society, keeping our basic ideas of "to do continuous effort to preserve and improve global environment" and "to offer the safe and quality products to the society".

02Action guidelines

  • We observe the environment-related regulations that can apply to our business activities and strive to prevent the possible environmental contamination and environmental protection from our activities, completing the voluntary control.
  • We make effective use of the utilities and promote the reuse or recycling of the materials to contribute to the resource saving.
  • We inform this environmental policy to all employers and people who work for our company to improve their consciousness for the environmental preservation.
  • We make audit of the environmental management system and strive for the continuous improvement of the system with declaring our goals for the environmental preservation.
  • We contribute to the community through the environmental management.
  • We disclose this environmental policy to public on request.

November 1st 2016 Maruyama Frosting Co., Ltd.
President  Kiyoshi Maruyama

Quality policy

01Quality Policy

  • We offer the safe and quality products to the society
  • We keep quality for satisfying the requests and needs from our clients

02Action guidelines

  • We clarify all items of the clientsユ requests, anticipation and needs and related regulations, and continue to offer the satisfactory products.
  • We maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system for its continuous improvement.
  • We set the appropriate goals of the quality policy to pursue our activities and make the periodical reviews to achieve the goals.
  • We inform this quality policy to all employers.
  • We make reviews on this quality policy for its appropriateness.

January 6th 2005 Maruyama Frosting Co., Ltd.
President Kiyoshi Maruyama